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BTM-30 / BTM-40 Infrared Thermometers


Infrared Thermometers
BTM-30 / BTM-40

● Sensor head can be used in an atmosphere of 180°C.
● Super water resistance (IP69K)
● Compact sensor head suitable for built-in into a machine
● Abundant functions like digital input, and alarm output.
● Sensor amplifier fitted with setting keys and a display for use at the site.

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BTM-80 Infrared Thermometers


Infrared Thermometers

● IP67 water- and dust proof construction
● Shock and noise-resistant SUS body and silicon lens
● Space saving cylindrical shape allows mounting in a narrow space in the production line.

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LTM-100 Handheld Infrared Thermometer


Handheld Infrared Thermometer

● Easy-to-use handheld infrared thermometer
● Being washable with water to keep the thermometer clean,this thermometer is suitable for food processing applications.
● Aiming laser mark enables easy check of measurement points.

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HBA-T120 / HBA-T130 Heater break alarm module


Heater break alarm module
HBA-T120 / HBA-T130

● Heater break alarm for single phase or three phase power control
● Available for phase control, zero-cross control, relay contact, and SSR drive
● Supported CT: MCTL-6-P-N (load current up to 30A), MCTL-12-S56-10L-N (load current up to 100A)
※Two CTs are used for three phase control.

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