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PF900 PF901 (RKC)


Ramp / Soak Controllers PF900 / PF901

Measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of displayed value Sampling time: 0.1 sec. 99 patterns x 10 segments to 10 patterns pattern by 99 segments (Max.1024 segments) Graphical program display Front loader communication Plug-in construction

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REX-F9000 Digital Temperature controllers


Digital Temperature controllers

Measurement accuracy: ±0.05°C
Sampling time: 0.1 sec.
Measurement range: 0.000 to 50.000°C (Resolution: 0.001°C)
Max. 2-channel control
Excellent control stability through PFF (Power feedforward)
Plug-in construction

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Handheld Thermometer DP-700

Large multifunctional LCD display Capacity of data logging: 99 (DP-700A), 9999 (DP-700B) USB interface to PC (DP-700B) Water- and dust-proof: IP67 (DP-700A), IP54 (DP-700B) Operates on a battery (One AA or R6/LR6 battery)

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LTM-100 Handheld Infrared Thermometer


Handheld Infrared Thermometer

● Easy-to-use handheld infrared thermometer
● Being washable with water to keep the thermometer clean,this thermometer is suitable for food processing applications.
● Aiming laser mark enables easy check of measurement points.

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