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5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers
MD5 Series

Category : Motion devices
SKU : MD5 Series 5-Phase Stepper Motor Drivers

Main features

● Bipolar constant current pentagon drive method
● Various built-in functions including auto current down and self-diagnosis
● Microstepping drive allows low-speed rotation and extreme precision control (MD5-HD14, MD5-HF14, MD5-HF14-AO, MD5-HF28)
* Max resolution : 250 divisions. 5-Phase stepper motor with a basic step angle of 0.72° can be controlled down to 0.00288° angle per pulse. 125,000 pulses required for a single revolution.
● Isolated photocoupler input design minimizes influence from electrical noise
● Models
  - MD5-HD14 : DC type, 1.4 A/phase, microstepping drive
  - MD5-HF14 : AC type, 1.4 A/phase, microstepping drive
  - MD5-HF14-AO : AC type, 1.4 A/phase, microstepping drive, alarm output
  - MD5-HF28 : AC type, 2.8 A/phase, microstepping drive
  - MD5-ND14 : DC type, 1.4 A/phase, normal step drive
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