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Oil-Resistant/Oil-Proof Photoelectric Sensors
BJR Series

Category : Photoelectric Sensors
SKU : BJR Series Oil-Resistant/Oil-Proof Photoelectric Sensors
Main features
● For use in oil environments such as cutting oil or lubricants (optimized for automotive and machine tool industries)
● BJR (oil-resistant type): special coating prevents oil (oil drop/powder) from penetrating into the product
● BJR-F (oil-proof type): operates normally even when oil (oil drop/powder) penetrates into the product
● Long sensing distance:
- Through-beam type: 15 m,
- Diffuse reflective type: 1 m
- Retroreflective type: 3 m (MS-2S)
● MSR (Mirror Surface Rejection) function (retroreflective type)
● Compact size: W 20 x H 32 x L 11 mm
● Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
● Sensitivity adjuster
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