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CC-Link Type 2-Phase Closed Loop Stepper Motor System
AiC-CL Series

Category : Motion devices
SKU : AiC-CL Series CC-Link Type 2-Phase Closed Loop Stepper Motor System

Main features

● CC-Link communication type Ai-SERVO
● Closed-loop system with real-time position control
● Control up to 42 axes
● 7-segment display for alarm/status reading
● Low cost closed loop system compared to servo motors with quick response rates for better continuous drive operation
● Holding torque and no vibration (hunting) during position hold make it ideal for precision machines including optical inspection
● Windows-based software (atMotion) for easy parameter setting and monitoring
● Easy gain setting with GUI software
● 10-stage resolution setting
● Brakes are applied during sudden power outages, allowing safe control of vertical loads (built-in brake type)
● Frame sizes: 42 mm, 56 mm, 60 mm (motors: Ai-M series)
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