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VG(Monochrome Type) Series Monochrome Type Vision Sensors

Category : Vision Sensors
SKU : VG(Monochrome Type) Series Monochrome Type Vision Sensors
Main features
● Vision sensors with integrated LED lighting
● Global shutter method for accurate image capturing with minimal motion blur
● Enhanced optical performance with light interference prevention technology *1
● Tight lens cover attachment allows application in environments with dust or shock *2
● Various inspection functions: alignment, brightness, contrast, area, edge, length, angle, diameter, object counting
● Inspection simulator function
● Set up to 32 separate workgroups (64 inspection points per workgroup) 
● Save data to FTP servers
● Free vision sensor software included (Vision Master): inspection simulator function, manage parameters and workgroups, inspection results monitoring, send data to FTP, multilingual support, etc.
● IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)
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