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Dual Digital Display Pressure Sensors
PSQ Series

Category : Pressure Sensors
SKU : PSQ Series Dual Digital Display Pressure Sensors
Main features
※Additional pressure port thread sizes have been added to the lineup.
  - Pneumatic type: R1/8, NPT1/8
  - Fluid type: R1/4, NPT1/4, 9/16-18UNF, Rc1/8
● Pressure measurement of any gas, liquid or oil [fluid type]
  * except substances which may corrode stainless steel 316L
● Dual display for simultaneous display of process value (PV) and setpoint value (SV)
● Secondary (SV) display : setpoint value, pressure unit, or display-OFF
● Switch between NPN and PNP open collector output via parameter configuration
● 3-color main (PV) display (RUN mode : green/red, parameter setting mode : orange)
● 12-segment LCD display capable of diverse alphanumeric characters
● Measurement range : -100.0 to 100.0 kPa /-100 to 1000 kPa (Pneumatic type : compound pressure, Fluid type : sealed gauge pressure)
● Analog output : voltage (1-5VDC), current (DC 4-20mA)
● Copy parameter settings function
● External input : Auto-Shift, Remote, Hold (PSQ-□C□□U-□ models only)
● Forced output control mode for device testing and inspection
● Display resolution : 0.1kPa /1kPa (by model)
● One-touch connector type for easy wiring and maintenance
● Password lock for parameter configuration settings
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