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Programmable Digital Counter/Timers
CT Series

Category : Controllers
SKU : CT Series Programmable Digital Counter/Timers
Main features
Integrated counter/timer unit for counting and timing applications
RS485 (Modbus RTU) communication (communication models)
One-shot output time : 0.01s to 99.99s

  Counter Functions
Various input/output modes (9 input modes, 11 output modes)
Prescale value range
  - 6-digit models : 0.00001 to 99999.9
  - 4-digit models : 0.001 to 999.9
Batch counting function, set count starting point (value) function

  Timer Functions
Various output modes (11 output modes)
Time setting range
  - 6-digit models : 0.001sec to 99999.9hr
  - 4-digit models : 0.001sec to 9999hr
Set output time to 0 supported
Timer memory function (indicator models only)
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