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RKC : Sensor

RKC : Sensor

  • RKC : Temperature Sensor for Extremely Small Surface : ST-55/56/50
  • RKC : Resin Pressure Measuring System : CZ-200P/PCT-300 PG500
  • RKC : Back-pressure Level Meter : LE100/110

RKC : Temperature Sensor for Extremely Small Surface 


The ST-55/56 PFA/ceramic coated thermocouples were designed for use on for small surface areas. These sensors are able to measure many points in a small surface area or, by using an adhesive type ST-55, the sensor can stick to an exact spot for measurement.
It is a K thermocouple type capable of measuring temperature up to 500 °C (932 °F).
Accuracy is ± 0.5 % ±1 °C.



RKC : Resin Pressure Measuring System

CZ-200P/PCT-300 PG500

RKC's resin pressure measuring system is suitable for monitoring and control of resin pressure for extruders.
The combination of resin pressure sensor (CZ-200P), the resin pressure indicator (PG500), the output converter (PCT-300) and digital controllers for strain gauge input (HA430/930) contributes to the improvement of productivity and quality of products.
The CZ-200P has new features such as built-in thermocouple while retaining high reliability of CZ-100P. The features of CZ200P includes: a wide selection of screw type, UNF, PF and M14/16 type screws, Low pressure type (0 to 0.5MPa, 0 to 1MPa), built-in thermocouple.
A push-rod method is used in CZ-200P. There is no risk of contamination in case of accident, so CZ-200P suits food processing application.



RKC : Back-pressure Level Meter


The LE100 is a back-pressure level meter specifically designed for the measurement of liquid chemical levels with high accuracy and repeatability.

While in operation, it automatically compensates for changes to specific gravity while providing reports of the bath's current status.

  • Level settings 6 or 8 points
  • Measuring range 0 to 1000 mm
  • Selectable Display Units (mm, %, l, cc, Pa, KPa)
  • High repeatability 0.3% full scale
  • Specific gravity compensation
  • One - touch empty adjustment
  • One - touch span adjustment
  • Volume compensation
  • Digital communication (Optional)
  • Monitoring output (Optional)




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