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RKC : Output Device

RKC : Power Controller / Solid State Relay

  • RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller : THV Series
  • RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller : THV-A1 Series
  • RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller : SSNP
  • RKC : Power Controller Solid State Relay : THYCO-10 Series
  • RKC : Three-Phase Power Controller : THW Series
  • RKC : Solid State Relay : SSN
  • RKC : Solid State Relay : SSJ

RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller 

THV Series

Single Phase Power Control Unit ( 20 to 100 amps ) The THV operates at 100 up to 240V AC and automatically selects power supply frequency 50 or 60Hz. Three types of control modes are selectable: phase control, zero-cross control to suppress high frequency noise, or zero-cross control.
The THV series of 20A and 30A carries UL/CSA approvals. And over 45A of THV series carries cUL approvals. (After December, 2005 models)



RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller 

THV-A1 Series

Single Phase Power Control Unit
(20 to 200 amps)

  • Control type selection
    (Phase-angle/continuous zero-cross/zero-cross)
  • Communication function
  • Detects heater break of non-linear load
  • Ramp-up, Ramp-down
  • Gradient setting
  • Output Limiter High and Low
  • Base-up Setting (output bias)
  • Output mode selection
    (proportional electric power/voltage/phase angle)
  • Digital input for Auto/manual

As the THV-A1 single phase power control unit can be used with control modes selectable from constant voltage, constant current and constant power, it can be used with such heaters as noble metals (Platinum and molybdenum), super Kanthal, and SiC (Silicon Carbide) that have changing resistance in accordance with temperature changes.
Optional features like heater break alarm and communication can improve system safety and establishment of a supervisory system.



RKC : Single-Phase Power Controller 


Ultra Slim Power Controllers With Rapid Response
SOUTH BEND, IN - RKC Instrument announces two new power control series, the SSNP single phase control type, and the SSNZ for zero-cross control. Both series are a narrow 21.5 mm to allow for close mounting, either vertically or horizontally by Din rail mounting or screw mounting. The SSNP and the SSNZ are available in 15 amp or 25 amp.

Response to a setting input change is a rapid one cycle or less. Other functions include a ramp-up/ramp-down (soft start), auto-detecting power frequency which selects the power supply of 50Hz or 60Hz, and the series allows manual control.

The slim profile makes it appealing to both end-users and the OEM market in a wide range of industries including extrusion, semiconductor, test stands, environmental chambers, plastics, food, packaging, and heat-related processes.




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